Device Throughput Testing

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Device Throughput Testing

In basic terms, "Throughput" is the number of transactions produced during a test. RF enclosures (RF boxes) are crucial for accurate and reliable device throughput testing ensuring accurate assessments of: Data transfer rates, Signal quality, Latency and Packet loss.

LBX0800 Small RF Shielded Enclosure

LBX0800 Small RF Shielded Enclosure is a product for testing mobile phone technology supports application such as

LBX2002 RF Shield Box

The LBX2002 RF Shield Box, manufactured by LabiFix, is designed for wireless device testing such as Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, Zigbee,

LBX3500 Pneumatic RF Shield Box

LBX3500 Pneumatic RF Shield enclosure is designed to automatically and programmable

LBX4200 RF Shield Test Box for MIMO Testing

LabiFix’s LBX4200 RF shielding box is the perfect solution for shielding your wireless electronic devices from

LBX4500 Mobile Phone Testing Shielding Box

The LBX4500 RF Shielded Test Enclosure supports wireless communication technologies such as 3G, 4G, 5G LTE

LBX5600 RF Shielded Test Box for RF and Microwave Devices Testing

LabiFix’s LBX5600 is an RF Shielded Test Box for WLAN and Wireless Device Testing up to 12 GHz. The interior lining is lined with

LBX5700 RF Shield Box for Cellular and IOT Devices Testing

LBX5700 RF Shield box designed specifically for Cellular and Iot Devices Testing, It’s perfect for anyone looking to test

LBX5800 RF Shielded Enclosure for Mesh Network Testing and Access Points

LBX5800 RF Enclosure for RF electronics enables accurate measurements without interference from external sources.

LBX6100 RF Shield Box for IOT Testing

LBX6100 RF Shield box for IOT devise testing is constructed with superior steel and high grade RF Absorber material helps

LBX7050 RF Shielded Test Enclosure, Ideal for Large DUT Testing

LBX7050 RF Shielded Enclosure, ideal for large DUT Testing .LabiFix shielding enclosures are made

The LBX2070 RF Shield Box is a versatile, manual front-loading bench top shielding box that supports excellent shielding performance for

For testing wireless device compatibility, functionality, and performance, The LBX4012 RF shielded test enclosure is made

LBX5200 is an RF Shielded Test Box for WLAN and Wireless Device Testing up to 12 GHz.

The LBX7400 RF Shielded Test Enclosure is ideal for your EMI, RFI, and communication testing needs.

The LBX9400 Modular validation Shielded Enclosure is a relatively inexpensive solution,