mmWave Shield Box

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mmWave Shield Box

The mmWave signals operate at significantly higher frequencies compared to traditional Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, making them highly susceptible to interference from even the slightest sources. These mmWave shielded enclosures shield unwanted interference and ensure test results reflect the true capabilities of the mmWave device under test (DUT). mmWave technology is used in various applications. Proper testing requires accurate measurements of parameters like signal strength, propagation characteristics, and antenna performance. Engineers can make these critical measurements with confidence when using mmWave RF enclosures.

LBX5750 RF Enclosure For RF Electronics

LBX5750 RF Enclosure for RF electronics enables accurate measurements without interference from external sources.

LBX6200 Shielded Test Enclosure for Mobile Phone Testing

LBX6200 high-performance RF shielded enclosure designed for use in mobile test labs, research

LBX6500 Shielded Test Enclosure for RF Electronics

LBX6500 Shielded test enclosure for RF electronics, WLAN and Wireless Device Testing up to 12 GHz. The interior lining

LBX7500 Portable RF Anechoic Box

LBX7500 Portable RF Anechoic Box is the perfect solution to your EMI, RFI and communication testing requirements.

LBX8000 WLAN and Wireless Device Testing Shielded Chamber

LBX8000 is a large RF Shielded Test Enclosure with double door front opening, Spacious to house multiple

LBX8040 Bluetooth | WLAN Device Testing RF Shielded Enclosure

The LBX8040 is a large RF shielded enclosure with double front opening swing doors. Spacious to house

LBX9000 MIMO, Throughput, IOT & Wireless Device Test Enclosure

The LBX9000 RF Shielded Test Enclosure is the perfect solution for testing and measuring

LBX9200 RF Modular 5G IOT UE Verification Shielded Enclosure

The LBX9200 Modular MIMO OTA validation Shielded Enclosure is a relatively inexpensive solution, but

LBX9500 RF Shielded Chamber

The LBX9500 Modular MIMO OTA validation Shielded Enclosure is a relatively inexpensive solution, but it has all of the features you need.